A warning


Color Pencil on 11 x 14 white paper

On top of the Salt Lake Temple you can see this statue in gold. Mormons believe that at Christ’s second coming the angles Moroni will sound the horn to let everyone know that he is coming.

I have a neighbor who asked me why I don’t draw the temple. I have seen lots of paintings and drawings of the temple. I wanted to do something unique. I saw the angle on top of the temple and thought that I would draw him, but in color and not as a gold statue. I looked at several pictures of the statue and went from there. Most of this was from my imagination so forgive the caricature look.(I only draw what I see).




Family love

I have two children. I think every parent loves their children. It is a love only a parent knows. You show them your live for them by spending hours playing with them. You share countless meals with them. You even try to teach them how to work hard and hope that some day they will be able to be successful in life. I have two sons and I don’t think I could love them any more than I do. They both make me proud of them. My youngest one we took to the beach with us. He sat on a rock overlooking the ocean. The way the sun light hit him really caught my eye. I thought I would paint what I saw. This was done with acrylic paint. It is now hanging in my living room.

My other son joined the Marines. While he was gone we really missed him. I was looking at some of his photos and found one that caught my eye. He was standing in the middle of a poppy field. I grabbed my paint brush and this is what I ended up with. This also was done in acrylics. They both are older now but if I want to remember the moment all I have to do is look up at these paintings.



Food for thought

These days are hard times for many people. When I was in my youth life seemed to be a little more fun and enjoyable. Wages and salaries weren’t very much but we always had enough money to enjoy life. The cost of living wasn’t too bad either. I rented a two bedroom apartment for $185 a month. I would buy a month’s worth of groceries at a time for just under a hundred dollars. Now it seems like it is less expensive to buy a house than to pay rent. Greed is today’s problem. People complain about how much they get paid so they increase the minimum wage. That may sound good but all of a sudden the business owner has to pay out more then he used to for employee wages and must make up the difference somehow. Oh, you think the business owner will settle for a pay cut, ha ha. So he or she raises the cost of the product. I think they should leave minimum wage alone. Your opinions are welcome.


I have had been thinking of painting one of my co-workers with her dog. I even asked her if it would be alright. You know there are some people who think it will kill them if someone paints a picture of them (I found this out). Anyways I had lots of fun with this and I hope you enjoy. If anyone can think of a title for this painting let me know.

IMG_20180916_090213 18×24 pastel on paper


A challenge

I had a co-worker ask me if I would do a painting of her children for her. I said I would and she sent me some pictures. One of her son holding a wrestling metal on food hand and the other of her daughter looking up in the sky.

Those two pictures she wanted me to combine into one picture. She said I had creative control. I thought on it for awhile and came up with an idea. I will put him in the foreground and her in the back. I thought of putting them in a desert with blue skies and white clouds overhead.

I could see and hear them playing in my head. I could feel the excitement of winning a metal. This is what I wanted to capture.

I chose to use soft pastels on a 16 x 20 white paper.


My Lucky Cat

I remember coming home from work and sitting down in my chair to rest for awhile and my cat would jump up onto my lap. She was only a cat. She was my cat. I loved to pet her soft fur and listen to her purr. I had her for about 18 yrs. It was hard when I found out she had cancer and had to put her to rest. Now I see her among the clouds. Rest in peace my furry little friend.


Soft Pastel on 11×14 paper.